Mesología de la terra preta / Mesology of the ‘Terra preta’


  • Eduardo Makoszay Mayén



The text presents mesological research about terra preta, a type of soil that, due to its chemical, mineral, and nutritional composition, harbours a higher degree of fertility than the adjacent soils in the Amazon region. This cosmo-geographic phenomenon is of anthropic origin since the studies of its composition indicate the continuous deposition of organic matter from human waste. We consider this modulation of organic matter as a cosmotechnic, one that appeared independently of the technological development of the modern-classical Western paradigm since it presents an alternative technical approach that sits between the moral and the cosmic. Terra preta began to form in the Amazon from the middle of the Holocene and continues to regenerate, behaving as a kind of “super organism”. The present work outlines this eco-social framework, reviewing the available literature on its pedogenesis and the anthropic activity that intervened in it.



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“Mesología De La Terra Preta Mesology of the ‘Terra preta’”. 2022. Technophany, A Journal for Philosophy and Technology 1 (1): 1-30.